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We all want the best start for our children – we know that it has a huge impact on their future health and happiness. 

The milk made by a new mum is the perfect first food for your baby. It has all the nutrients they need for the first six months of their life... and it is still important after that too!

It is 'made to order' by you, matching your baby's needs perfectly. It provides added protection against infection and diseases for them and even helps reduce the risk of you contracting serious illnesses – including some cancers – in the future. It helps your relationship with your baby too – enabling you to develop a strong physical and emotional bond that grows stronger at every feed. 

Some parents choose to feed their baby formula. This is made from cows' milk and other ingredients. It isn't a natural choice for babies and doesn't have any of the nutrients that help protect your baby from infection or disease. In fact, babies who are not breastfed are five times more likely to be admitted to hospital with serious tummy bugs!

The links below help to explain how it can help both you and your baby enjoy the very best start...

...for you!
Breastfeeding isn't just good for your baby – it's good for you too! There are a huge range of health benefits from breastfeeding, helping you to stay fit and healthy and dramatically reducing the likelihood of getting some forms of cancer in later life, including both breast...
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...for your baby
Breastfeeding is, simply put, the healthiest way to feed your baby. It is strongly recommended by healthcare professionals that every baby is exclusively breastfed for the first six months of their life. After that, continuing to give them breastmilk alongside their first 'solid...
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